Wren Avery

Wren Avery (inside cover of Fangirl)

Wren Avery is the identical twin sister of Cather (Cath Avery). Neither twin is older (born of a C-Section). Both girls attend the same college. Edit


Average height for her age, pixie hair cut, wide hips, perfect weight, pale skin.

Style of dress: Not too casual, but not too revealing. Wren generally wears leggins and a nice shirt with cute boots. Cath explained that Wren's closet was full of clothes you could wear to a party.

Characteristics: Edit

In high school, Wren was just like her sister. They were shy together. They were happy together. They were sad together.

In college, Wren's personality completely changed; or she let herself be the true Wren. She is outgoing, brave, ready to try new things (including alcohol and boys), and friendly. She's intelligent and keeps up with classes, but is always ready for the fun to begin.