Arther (Art) AveryEdit

Art is the father of Cather and Wren Avery. He is the ex-husband of Laura. Art works in an advertisement company, and throughout Fangirl, he works on things called Gravioli and Frankenbeans.


Art has soft brown hair that's longer than Wren's. He is tall and a good weight. Art has a beard (stubbly, not long). 


Art gets extremely worked up about work. He works 24/7, and it often makes him crazy. 

Art, when in one of his work 'sprees' he often does not eat because he's too caught up. Cather is always calling and texting him to make sure he's taking care of himself,

Art does not clean his house. Practically ever. He simply doesn't take the time to pick up after himself. Pizza boxes and taco foil are always around when the twins come home. 

Finally, Art tends to drive himself into the mental hospital. Not an asylum, just a hospital where patients who have breakdowns go to get back on their feet. Art has visited this hospital quite a few times.